• My performance "N.R.A" at Amplified Cactus V - Baltimore

    My performance "N.R.A" at Amplified Cactus V - Baltimore

    Amplified Cactus is Baltimore-based performance and art series that examines questions of vital personal and social importance through music, literature, and visual art. The prompt for this edition of amplified cactus was "can I be in balance with my ecosystem and not be lonely?" 

     is a performance idea that resulted from the growing alienation that refugees, immigrants, and basically, all foreign bodies potentially face under the current administration and immigration policies. The word alien is commonly used in USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Status) codes.

    Based on my current status as non-resident alien (N.R.A) and the witch-hunt mentality that outsiders are confronted with, this performance presents a surrealist iteration of the alienated “other” as a mysterious (ominous?) lone silhouette in a black gown and hood (veil?) trying to be in balance with its ecosystem; can salvation be found and loneliness transcended if people see themselves reflected in the alien’s face?